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‘Garden Picnic 3’ Resin Earrings

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‘Garden Picnic 3’ Resin Earrings
‘Garden Picnic 3’ Resin Earrings
‘Garden Picnic 3’ Resin Earrings


Stunning handmade resin earrings that are a small individual work of art. Each piece has been cast and then hand sanded to reveal intricate patterns as pictured, that resemble in many cases patterns not unlike the surface of a mystical planet far away. 

The sides and backs have been hand sanded to produce either a smooth matte of a smooth shiny finish (this is simply dependent on the buffing compound used, both results achieved are beautiful). Every pair is then finished with a top coat of resin that allows for the glass like, dome finish to be achieved. 

Garden Picnic features a mix of carnation pink, metallic moss, translucent white and gold foil.

Resin pigments in pieces can be somewhat translucent which creates a beautiful effect and layer of depth when light is behind them. 

Resin colouring pigments

Sterling Silver Hooks

Size & Weight
Length: 5.5cm
Diameter: 3cm
Weight: Light weight on your ears

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